Convex Flex Brake

Convex Flex Brake

Our Convex Flex Brake is the perfect replacement or upgrade component. Made from a Carbon Steel composite for strength and rebound and featuring a convex curved design to marry perfectly around the shape of the wheel, giving superior braking performance to flat brakes.


RRP: £9.95 / €11.95





    Slamm Convex Carbon Steel Flex Brake Kit

    Fits all Slamm Scooter decks


    1 x Convex Carbon steel composite flex brake

    1 x Rubber shock pad

    2 x 3mm Allen Key Bolts

    2 x 8mm Nuts

    2x Washers



    100mm, 110mm

    100mm to fit Slamm Tantrum models

    110mm to fit all other Slamm models