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110mm Split Core Wheels

110mm Split Core Wheels

Take your scooter's performance up a notch with the Slamm Split Core Wheels, an epitome of style and functionality. With an attention-grabbing Neochrome & Laser Etched Black Core design, these wheels redefine aesthetics while delivering unparalleled performance. Engineered with 88A SHR Super High Rebound Urethane, these wheels offer the ultimate combination of grip and speed, ideal for riders pushing the limits of performance.

Precision-engineered for speed and stability, these wheels strike the perfect balance between grip and velocity, catering to the demands of pro-level riders. The unique split core design not only adds to the visual appeal but also reflects the precision engineering embedded within each wheel. Riders can expect an outstanding performance upgrade with these wheels, experiencing a seamless fusion of grippy traction and lightning-fast speed, making every ride a thrilling experience.


Sold in pairs.


110mm Alloy Core Wheels

Laster Etched Centre Disk and Double-Sided CNC Hollow Core Outer Walls

Anodised and Heat Treated for Strength and Durability

110mm x 24mm


ABEC-9 Chrome Bearings

Rubber Shielded Water-Resistant


88A SHR Mi-T Urethane



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