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Timeless design, Endless fun.

Classic Black 

The Slamm Classic is a beginner stunt scooter packed with high spec features. Bringing great value for money, it uses 110mm alloy wheels, team grips, Steel Riser T-Bar and our exclusive Coffin Connector. The boxed channel deck is complete with front and rear deck blocks and the brightly and timeless colours give the collection a modern sleek look. Pro Team grips and impact resistant bar ends give the control and confidence to start to progress skills and tricks.

Designed with the needs of both beginners and intermediate riders in mind, the Slamm Classic is the perfect companion for those seeking to hone their skills. Its user-friendly construction and sturdy build make it an ideal choice for mastering new tricks while providing stability and control.

4.5" x 19.5" Deck

Not only are all our decks T6 heat treated, but they also come with deck blocks to protect it from failed tricks, and to keep you riding longer.