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Staying Protected

Why should I ride with protection?

Here at Slamm we put the safety of our riders first and believe in wearing protective equipment at all times. Whether you’re starting out on your first stunt scooter or a seasoned pro ripping up the park, there’s always a risk of injury. It’s impossible to remove all hazards from extreme sports but as an experienced scooter manufacturer, we’ve developed a good understanding of the risks associated with the sport and how to reduce them. We always encourage riders to start wearing protective equipment from a young age. Through years of watching up-and-coming riders develop we’ve noticed that those wearing protection tend to progress at a faster rate. Wearing protective equipment not only protects the rider but it makes them feel safer and increases their confidence which is key to progressing and taking their riding to the next level.



What protective equipment do I need?

Riders wear a variety of protective gear, including helmets, Knee pads, and Elbow pads. The most essential piece of protective gear for us is the trick scooter helmet. A well-fitted trick scooter helmet can help protect your head from falls as well as collisions with other riders. It’s important to get the right kind of helmet as trick scooter helmets differ from helmets used for other extreme sports. With this in mind, we decided to provide our own helmet, specifically designed to protect against any bumps and knocks that might occur whilst riding. We fitted it with a high-density inner core and a durable ABS outer shell built for heavy-duty use. With a total of 11 holes across the helmet to help our riders stay cool during sweaty sessions. To ensure our helmets provide a snug fit we offer 3 different sizes, each with dual-size padding and a nylon chin strap to keep the helmet secure. Second to scooter helmet, another piece of safety gear we highly recommend wearing is Knee and Elbow pads. These pads are designed to help protect against any bumps and grazes as well as more serious injuries in extreme cases. Wearing stunt scooter protection helps to improve riders' confidence and allows them to push themselves and ride harder knowing they’re protected.

How do I choose the right protection?

Buying correctly fitting protection is essential for it to be effective. In some cases, ill-fitting protection can do more harm than good. When trying to find a helmet that works for you there are a few things we recommend looking out for. A well-fitting helmet should be snug on the head and sit a finger's width above the eyebrows. If the helmet is moving about on your head whilst riding then it’s too large and won’t protect your head properly. It’s also important to make sure your helmet is securely fastened under your chin to prevent it from falling off. A correctly adjusted stunt helmet strap should be tight enough that you can just about squeeze two fingers between your chin and the strap.

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