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Wheels that keep you flowing

Having the right wheels for your stunt scooter is not to be underestimated, and at Slamm scooters we know exactly how to keep you rolling. Our expertise in wheel manufacturing dates back to over a decade, designing and manufacturing some of the best and most durable wheels in the industry.

Our wide range of pro scooter wheels ensures that there is a wheel for everyone. When it comes to sizes, the most common is 100mm and 110mm, two sizes we both offer nylon- and alloy core wheels in. All of our wheels are 24mm wide, which is the most common standard for trick scooters.

What is just as important as size, is the urethane compound and rebound. Our Super High Rebound Mi-T urethane offers grip and performance both on the streets and in the local skatepark. Getting the mixture of grip and hardness is extremely important when it comes to gaining speed, while still being confident in keeping the scooter planted on the ground.

Our CNC Alloy Cores, specially designed for trick scooters, allow for added strength, durability, and better response while throwing big tricks.

How to make sure your new scooter wheels fit

Before buying new wheels for your scooter, we recommend checking if the wheels are compatible with your fork and deck. Most scooters originally specify the maximum wheel size in their spec sheet, either online or in the instruction manual. 100mm and 110mm is the most common sizes, but if you are in doubt, we recommend taking contact with your local pro scooter reseller.

Check Out Our Completes

With a range to suit every rider, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Split Core 110mm

Swirl Hollow Core 110mm

Team 110mm

Cryptic Neochrome 110mm

Cryptic 110mm

Gyro Neochrome 110mm

Gyro 110mm

Halo Neochrome 110mm

Halo 110mm

V-Ten Ghost 110mm

V-Ten 110mm

Astro 110mm

Flair 100mm

Nylon Core 110mm

Nylon Core 100mm

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