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110mm Cryptic CNC Hollow Core

Our 110mm Cryptic wheels are a dream match between aesthetics and performance. Precision CNC cut design removes excess weight from an already lightweight hollow core. This core is heat treated to increase strength and comes fitted with Rubber Shielded Water-Resistant ABEC-9 Chrome Bearings. Available in several colours and Neochrome, the Cryptic wheel looks great on any scooter.


110mm Hollow Core Wheels

CNC Weight Reducing Cut Outs

Hollow Core Design with Laser Etched Graphics

Anodised and Heat Treated for Strength and Durability

110mm x 24mm


ABEC-9 Chrome Bearings

Rubber Shielded Water-Resistant


88A SHR Mi-T Urethane


Black, Red, Blue, Titanium 

Want them with a neochrome finish?

See Slamm's 10th anniversary special edition scooter


110mm Cryptic CNC Hollow Core

Precision Performance

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