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With a long history in the scooter scene since emerging in 2009, we have witnessed several scooter technologies come and go. During that time, we have carefully selected and fine-tuned the best parts and technologies that are available for complete trick scooters. These hand-picked scooter parts all run through our London-based design office, where we further enhance the design and make them available at an un-parallel price to quality ratio. The process allows us to asset and pair every part of the trick scooter, so our parts always fit together, meet the highest standards, and make for the best possible option for your skill level and needs.

We at Slamm Scooters strive to visually offer something spectacular to look at, with our complete scooters being available in colourful styles that pop right off the page. In addition, we are not shy to experiment with new print and colour techniques.

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Our range of completes stretch from beginner to well over intermediate level trick scooters. For the youngest generation, we proudly offer the Slamm Tantrum and Slamm Classic scooters. Tantrum is specifically made for the smallest of riders and is the perfect choice for hitting the ramps in a young age with confidence. Its bigger brother, Classic, offers young riders and beginners an ideal trick scooter with alloy wheels, sturdy boxed shaped deck and our signature punched beginner fork. This combined with the Classic T-Bar and fresh colours, makes for a true Classic. Further up in the range, you will meet our eye catching Slamm Mischief, Slamm Urban, Slamm Assault and Slamm Strobe – all being timeless masterpieces that continue to push the boundaries of performance and style.

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Slamm Scooters, we shocked the scooter world with our X-Edition scooter and for the first time introduced the V-Ten Ghost Wheels with bright graphics and anodised gold triple bolt clamp. Subtle hints to the 10-year anniversary feature in blacked out decals on the back of the bar and a cut out X section of the grip tape. Further including Slamm’s exclusive Coffin Connector, front and rear deck blocks along with impact resistant bar ends. This celebratory X-Edition model is everything you want on a stunt scooter and more.


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Strobe V4 Surge

Strobe V4 Laser

Sentinel V4

Assault V6 Blue

Assault V6 Gold

Urban V9 Blue

Urban V9 Red

Mischief V6 Geo

Mischief V6 Nebula


Classic V9 Neochrome

Classic V9 Yellow

Classic V9 Red

Classic V9 Blue

Tantrum V9 Orange

Tantrum V9 Blue

Tantrum V9 Yellow

Tantrum V9 Black Blue

Tantrum V9 Black Purple

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