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Classic Mini Green 

Slamm Classic Mini Stunt Scooter is the ultimate ride for young kids and teens stepping into the world of freestyle scootering. It is engineered for fun and learning, and accommodates the smallest of riders with the low height bar. The 110mm wheels provide a smooth and controlled ride on most surfaces, whether it is for commuting to school or learning the first tricks, the Classic Mini is the perfect introduction to scooters. Swirl Team grips and coloured wheel PU, combined with both front and rear deck blocks, Slamm’s exclusive Coffin Connector and impact resistant bar ends, make the Classic Mini the perfect entry-level stunt scooter, designed and made for riders of 4+ years!

4.5" x 19.5" Deck

Not only are all our decks T6 heat treated, but they also come with deck blocks to protect it from failed tricks, and to keep you riding longer.