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Treason is here to break all the rules. Here the components do the talking; CNC cut hollow core Cryptic wheels, CNC cut double bolt clamp, CNC cut deck and the exclusive rail connector. A black silhouette with laser etched deck graphics on both the sides and bottom and white decals, set to a classic gum coloured 165mm Team grips and wheel PU. Ready to break the rules your way.



4.8" x 20.75" Double CNC Deck

Our largest deck with CNC cut outs on both the top and bottom of the deck. It's been heat treated to maintain strength even at this lighter weight.

23" x 24.5" Bars

Not only is it Chromoly Steel, but it's also larger for more advanced riders. This also gives you more control when performing spins with the larger deck.

Anodised CNC Clamp

Using precision CNC technology to cut through our custom clamp, reducing the weight and giving it it's now iconic look.

Forged Head Aluminium Fork

Using advanced forging methods we were able to create our strongest fork yet, keeping our familiar offset for refined control. 

110mm CNC Cut Cryptic Wheels

Precision CNC cut hollow core wheels that provide strength and performance. Plus its laser etched graphics make this an all around precision masterpiece.

165mm Team Grips

The larger version of the 135 to help cover more of the bar area, ensuring maximum comfort and control.