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Mischief Nebula 

The Slamm Mischief Stunt Scooter is a precision-engineered option suitable for riders of all skill levels. It combines advanced features with exceptional durability, making it an excellent choice for both ramps and streets. The scooter features 110mm wheels designed for smooth gliding across various terrains and optimal traction for executing stunts. The 4.5" alloy deck strikes a balance between strength and agility, with a reinforced structure and a strategically cut-out design to minimize weight without compromising robustness. The Nebula Wrap adds a unique aesthetic touch without sacrificing functionality. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate rider, the Slamm Mischief is designed for skill progression, providing a user-friendly experience.


Slamm Mischief Nebula is supplied with both black and clear grip tape sheets so you can customise your scooter for a classic look or allow the Nebula colourway to stand out under your feet and still have great grip!

4.5" x 19.5" Deck

Not only are all our decks T6 heat treated, but they also come with deck blocks to protect it from failed tricks, and to keep you riding longer.