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Strobe features 110mm V-Ten Core Aluminium Wheels and a 4.8” Alloy Deck with a rail extruded neck connector and cut-out design, ensuring optimal performance for learning tricks and stunts. The modern design and eye-catching wrap make the scooter stand out in skate parks. With precision engineering, these scooters are built to withstand the demands of trick enthusiasts, offering durability and agility for manoeuvres in skate parks and urban streets.


Strobe is supplied with both black and clear grip tape sheets so you can customise your scooter for a classic look or allow the Strobe colourway to stand out under your feet and still have great grip!

4.8" x 20.75" Deck

Our largest deck that has been fully hydro-wrapped in two colourways. T6 heat treated with deck blocks to protect it from failed tricks, and to keep you riding longer.