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110mm Gyro Hollow Core

Made using super strong, lightweight aluminium, our first 110mm Gyro Hollow Core Wheels not only look awesome but perform incredibly well too! Fitted with our super smooth, Rubber Shielded Water Resistant ABEC-9 Chrome Bearings as standard to keep you rolling fast for longer. The 88A Super High Rebound Mi-T urethane offers optimum grip and performance both on the streets and in your local skate park, giving you the confidence to push your skills further. Heat treated for added strength and durability and available in stunning Neochrome as well as a range of great anodised colours.


110mm Hollow Core Wheels

Hollow Core Design with Laser Etched Graphics

Anodised and Heat Treated for Strength and Durability

110mm x 24mm


ABEC-9 Chrome Bearings

Rubber Shielded Water-Resistant


88A SHR Mi-T Urethane



With a fully wrapped vibrant deck, Strobe V4 Laser doesn't do subtle

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SL591R Slamm 110mm Gyro Wheels Neochrome Side.jpg

110mm Gyro Hollow Core

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