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Grip Tape

Our grip tape sheets are the perfect upgrade or replacement part, providing a grippy platform and fresh new look for your scooter!

Supplied as a full 5” x 22” sheet to fit most scooter decks on the market with cutter guides on the rear for precise cutting to fit Slamm Scooter models measuring 4.5” x 19” and 4.8” x 20.5” from 2019 onwards.

How to apply your new Slamm Grip Tape

1. Check which size deck you have by measuring the length and width. Next check with the back of your Slamm grip tape and find which grip outline matches your deck. Then, use scissors (with help of an adult if needed) to cut around the outline that matches the size of your deck.

2. Line the grip tape up on your deck, then slowly peel off the back of the grip tape paper. Make sure the rear of the grip is in the correct place and push it down to secure it in place.

3. Continue to slowly peel away the paper and pushing the grip tape down on the deck to keep it in line, until the whole grip tape is stuck down. Push down over the whole grip to ensure that no air bubbles are left under the grip tape.

No matter which scooter you have, we have a grip to elevate the design to the next level.

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