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The Sentinel Story

You may have fallen in love with our Sentinel Series over the years, for its top of the range components and beautiful graphics, but there’s more to this high-end performance stunt scooter than meets the eye.

So, first let’s look at what ‘Sentinel’ means…

“Sentinel: a guard or protector”

Every model Sentinel we have ever produced follows this theme and you can see it in each model’s graphic and components. Through Ninjas, Samurais, Pharaohs and the inclusion of our new product developments featuring on this scooter first – the theme is reinforced.

Now let’s take a look at how the Sentinel has developed, which includes a hint of what you might see next…

Sentinel V1 - The Origin

Where it all started. The very first Sentinel used our original shape deck with a NeoChrome finish. 4 generations now have seen this deck upgraded and Sentinel's style come alive.

Sentinel V2 - Bodilpunk Collaboration

Slamm has had graphic creations from their in-house superstars as well as collaborating with outside renowned artists. Rahadil Hermana also known as Bodilpunk, is an Illustrator and Graphic Artist. He collaborated with Slamm to bring his distinct style that combines modern pop art with characters and detailed textures, to create an intricate artwork full of punk rock vibes to the Sentinel series.

Component Upgrades - Advancing with the Times

Sentinel has seen many component upgrades since it has been with us. From new Team Grips and help with comfort and control, to CNC clamps for lightweight style, and of course the forged head fork. All of these components have been important for Sentinel to keep its competitive edge.

Sentinel V3 - Refining the Laser Etch

Due to the success of the Samurai model, we wanted to progress with another laser etched design. However, we wanted this to be larger and even more bold. We chose an anodised black deck to help the etching pop. The design for the etch was actually created in two parts by our incredible graphic designer Helen. This meant that we essentially had two laser etched sections that combined to make one amazing design.

Sentinel V4 - Technical Developments

Technical improvements have always been at the forefront of the Sentinel series philosophy. Sentinel V4 was the first model to see a CNC deck, specifically curated to match the Pharoah graphics on an awesome anodised gold colourway.

Now, a sneak peak at what might be coming next...

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