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Let's Talk Forks

We at Slamm Scooters, are a UK based company, that design our own components from scratch from our Amersham office. Having a design team on-site, allows us to talk with our customers - finding out what improvements they would like to see and having full control of their implementation. Not only this but having a consistent design team allows us to have a deep comprehension of all our components. While other brands may choose to ask factories to design them, we pride ourselves on taking a more personal approach.

When designing each of our forks, we go through an extensive research and development phase. In the design journey, one of the most important factors is finding the perfect offset for the forks. Basically, this is how far out the centre of the wheel is from the centre line of the fork. The larger the offset, the more ‘twitchy’ the scooter will feel. To achieve this, we were able to create several 3D prints using our printer here in the office. Once we were happy with these, we then had our 3D designs CNC’d so we were able to test them on a real scooter and make any adjustments needed. From this point, we were able to look at what aesthetic refinements we could make, while still being within manufacturing limitations. This allows us to bring the customer the best performance and aesthetics, without compromising on price.

For beginner scooters we recommend using a complete with one of our Steel Punched Forks. These forks are great for general riding and people still finding their feet in the sport. For intermediate riders we suggest using a complete that uses our Aluminium Extruded Fork. This fork is stronger and better suited to withstanding the wear and tear associated with tricks at this stage. Our strongest fork is our Forged Head Aluminium Fork which allows users to ride with more confidence when performing tricks, knowing that their forks can undergo higher levels of stress before buckling. Though, something to keep in mind is that as riders advance and begin doing more extreme tricks that demand more from their scooter, the forks can only withstand so many failed stunts or hard hits.

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